Infrared and Radiant Tube Heaters, PTACS, and Gas Detectors Distributor in Chester County, PA

Entek Systems is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for Chester County companies looking for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. We take pride in our elite list of distributors and the knowledge of our products. We will work with our Chester County clients to help diagnose exactly what unit is needed and provide the correct parts or help with repairs. Our long history without distributors, allows us to better serve our Chester County clients.

Chester County is home to a myriad of businesses, both small and large, and retail shopping centers. Chester County has the highest income-earning per capita in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which can be attributed to the substantial economic and population growth the county sees each year. One of the most well-known visitor attractions in Chester County is the King of Prussia Mall, the third-largest shopping mall in the United States. Chester County is also home to several colleges and universities including Immaculata University and the West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Chester County, PA Infrared and Radiant Tube Heaters, PTACS, and Gas Detectors Distributor

Chester County, PA PTACS Distributor

Chester County, PA PTACS Distributor

PTACS or Packaged Terminal Conditioner is a self-contained heating and air conditioning unit. Our comprehensive line of through-the-wall and zoned heating and cooling products meets the needs of all types and sizes of buildings for our Chester County clients. We work with you to find the best PTAC for your business and how many are needed.

We offer competitive pricing, stock a variety of units and parts in our Chester County warehouse, and are available to assist with questions or issues with our distributor equipment. Other companies simply take orders. We take the extra steps to ensure that our customers receive the exact right equipment for their specific applications in Chester County, PA. Our goal is to secure long-term relationships by providing quality equipment and the best service possible.

Infrared and Radiant Tube Heaters Distributor in Chester County, PA

You want your employees and clients to feel comfortable while at your business. Heating is extremely important to that feeling during the winter months. Here at Entek, our knowledge of radiant machines are second to none and we are always at the ready to help our Chester County Clients. We work with our clients to figure out exactly what they are looking for. With over a thousand jobs completed with our units in the field, Entek has the experience needed to properly supply your Chester County business.

Infrared heaters heat similar to the rays of the sun, warming the surface of the earth. As the sun shines on the earth, infrared rays are absorbed by objects and people. With people and objects retaining the absorbed heat, additional heat is released back into space through radiation. With infrared operating and the constant cycle of heated people and objects, ambient temperature is maintained with minimal heat loss. Here at Entek, we offer infrared tube heater distributors for all of our Chester County clients.

Chester County, PA Infrared and Radiant Tube Heater Distributor

Chester County, PA Gas Detector Distributor

Chester County, PA Gas Detectors Distributor

We here at Entek understand how deadly it can be when a gas leak happens at your business or construction site. You want to make sure not only you and your employees are safe but those around the business as well. You need to have a system in place that you can trust to do just that. This is where Entek comes in, with our wide range of products from our elite distributors in Chester County, PA.

The Gas Detection system we use has an easy start-up and commissioning which is due to the device being built using the built-to-order process. Each of the devices has a sensor node that has removable cartridges for an easy replacement process for our Chester County clients. Our systems can control up to 256 sensors that will help protect everyone in and around your business. It also has three branches that can reach a length of 3900′ with a large number of contract relays and analog outputs.

Our Distributors in Chester County, PA

Entek Systems specializes in the next generation of gas detection systems and applications in Chester County manufactured by Pergamon Perceptive Technologies.

Islandaire manufactures a wide range of PTACs, VTACs, and Water Source Heat Pumps in Chester County, PA for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Roberts Gordon is a premier manufacturer of Radiant Tube Heaters including Co-Ray-Vac burners in series systems and Vantage/BH series unitary heaters in Chester County.