Pergamon Perceptive Technologies

Entek Systems specializes in the next generation of gas detection systems manufactured by Pergamon Perceptive Technologies. The system can control up to 256 sensors on a single touch screen display control panel. Each of the 3 branches can reach a total length of 3900’ with an almost unlimited amount of added dry contract relays and analog outputs.

The Gas Detection system boasts an easy start-up/commissioning due to its build to order process. Each sensor node has removable cartridges for easy replacement once the sensor is expired. No need to replace the entire sensor.

Pergamon system is the perfect application for Distribution Warehouse, Parking Garages, Loading Docks, Fire Houses Etc.

Pergamon’s add on web-based software makes it easy to monitor the facility environment from any PC or Mobile device.


Analog Output Module Spec Sheet
Relay Output Module Spec Sheet
SNode 2 Module Spec Sheet
MGMS 200 Spec Sheet