EZ Series GS Gas Fired Heat with Electric Cooling
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Islandaire manufactures a wide range of PTACs, VTACs, and Water Source Heat Pumps for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Entek Systems has represented the Islandaire brand for 20+ years. We offer competitive pricing, stock a variety of units and parts in our Exton, PA warehouse, and are available to assist with questions or issues with Islandaire equipment.

Other companies simply take orders. We take the extra steps to ensure that our customers receive the exact right Islandaire equipment for their specific applications. Our goal is to secure long-term relationships by providing quality equipment and the best service possible.

PTACs for New Construction and Replacement of the industry’s most cost common units; Available in an array of styles and designed to the highest quality standards

EZ Series GS - PTAC with Gas-Fired Heat and Electric Cooling

Low cost of operation, ease of install, and no need for ductwork. The EZ series GS has been our best-selling unit since 2001 with tens of thousands installed in the region. Available in Natural Gas or LP. Also replaces existing Suburban Dynaline units.

EZ Series 42/EZ Series DR- PTAC or PTHP with Electric Heating and Cooling

Industry standard 42” x 16” chassis available in electric heating or heat pump with back-up electric heat. Available with EZDR option for up to 55CFM of continuously conditioned make up air for improved room air quality. Also replaces existing 42” units from Amana, GE, LG, and more.

EZ Series NY- PTAC with Hydronic Heat

Industry standard 42 x 16” wall opening available with a top-mount hydronic coil. Systems can be combined with high-efficiency boilers for energy savings. High capacity coils available for additional heat output. Also replaces McQuay PDAS, PDNS, plus Amana and Trane 42” hydronic units.

EZ Series 26- Mini PTAC or PTHP

26” x 16” chassis available in cooling only, cooling with electric heat, and heat pump versions. Smaller wall opening for limited space applications while still providing up to 12,000BTUs. Also replaces various 26” and 27” PTACs from GE, Friedrich and more.

EZ Series LT- Noise Reducing PTAC

42” x 16” chassis designed specifically for outside to inside noise reduction. OITC rating of 28 and STC rating of 37. Ideal for cities or high traffic areas exposed greater outside dB levels.

Retrofit PTACs designed to be exact replacements for older or obsolete models, require little to no adjustments to install. 40+ options available to replace almost any existing style

Common older model replacement PTACs

EZ Series CS – 32” x 18 5/16” chassis. Replaces Heil Quaker Series C, Zoneaire CHP, Keepright Seasonall and others. Each unit comes with a new front cover.
EZ Series CM – 36” x 16” chassis. Replaces Climate Master 702, 703, and 704 series. Various accessories available.
EZ Series ED – 44” wide chassis. Replaces McQuay and Singer EA, ES, and RS, and more. Each unit comes with a new front panel. Various accessories available.
EZ Series JA – Replaces McQuay and Singer J and EJ series units. New front covers and other accessories available.
EZ Series KF – Replaces McQuay and Singer K series units. 3-piece unit with separate cooling section, heat/fan deck, and control box. Each section can be replaced individually or as an entire system.
EZ Series NE – Replaces McQuay NE series and other 42” hydronic units. Can be mated with an existing bottom-mount hydronic coil. Various accessories available.
EZ Series NR – Replaces ITT Nesbitt Modular Roomate units. New front covers and other accessories available.
EZ Series RM – 36” x 16” chassis. Replaces Zoneair RM, Applied Comfort SC, and various other RM and SC series units. Various accessories available. Used in new construction for limited space applications.

Additional Replacement PTAC Models

EZ Series 16 – Replaces the American Air Filter Type 16.
EZ Series 40 – Replaces American Standard Type 40.
EZ Series 41 – Replaces Singer, Remington, American Standard Type 41.
EZ Series 45 – Replaces American Standard, Remington and Singer Type 45.
EZ Series HQ – Replaces Heil Quaker SEA and SHA series.
EZ Series JK – Replaces Slant Fin JK series. Upflow or downflow type available.
EZ Series MX – Replaces Fedders Maxizone.
EZ Series N3 – Replaces Dunham Bush Newport III and IV.
VTAC- Vertical Terminal A/C or Heat Pump designed for New Construction and Retrofit

EZ Series VP/VR- VTAC/VTHP with Electric Heat

Capacities range from 9 to 24K BTU’s cooling with up to 10.0kW Electric Heat. Available Dr. PTAC (EZ VR) option for up to 55CFM of continuously conditioned make up air for improved room air quality. Available for new construction or replacement of GE and Friedrich Vertical Units.

Water Source Heat Pumps in a variety of styles all designed for both New Construction and Replacement applications

Console Style Water Source Units

EZ series 81– 45” x 19.75” chassis, Replaces Climate Master 801 series.

EZ series 8S- 41” x 19.75” chassis. Replaces Climate Master 8S series.


EZ Series LM- 37.875” x 20.5” chassis. Replaces Singer and McQuay LM series water source units.

EZ Series LR- 30* sloped top design in 5 BTU capacities replaces multiple existing styles.

EZ Series WC- 37.75” x 20.5” chassis. Replaces Cool Water brand units.

EZ Series WH- 43” x 18.75” chassis. Replaces Friedrich Climate Master 800 series.

EZ Series WM- Replacement for Singer and McQuay water source units is 2 physical dimensions.

Vertical Water Source Units

EZ Series EH- 19” x 41” tall chassis. Replaces Singer, McQuay, and ElectroHydronic EH series

EZ Series VF– Replacement for Singer and McQuay VF water source units.

EZ Series V8– Replacement for the Climate Master 816, blower and accessories available

Horizontal Water Source Units

EZ Series HZ– Low Profile Chassis. High Efficiency/Low Water Use Heat Pump with low profile cabinet as short as 8”.

EZ Series HP/HW– 30” x 20” x 12” chassis. Replaces AAF HP and HW and Singer CC models.


EZ Series GS Spec Sheet
EZ Series DR Spec Sheet
EZ Series 26 Spec Sheet
EZ Series LT Spec Sheet
EZ Series 42 Spec Sheet
EZ Series ED Spec Sheet
EZ Series KF Spec Sheet
EZ Series NY Spec Sheet