Pro1 brand thermostats are dedicated exclusively to HVAC professionals. Our full line of thermostats are designed for streamlined installs with various features that set them apart from other manufacturers. The standard subbase, simple user interface, and large displays make Pro1 the simplest thermostat on the market today. If you experience a complication, we have an knowledgeable technical support team located in the USA ready to help.

Entek Systems stocks various Pro1 brand thermostats in our Exton, PA warehouse. We can assist in selecting the right model thermostat for your next project based on the equipment used and type of application. Below if only a small sample of the thermostats Pro1 offers. Please call or email for information on additional models

5 Distinct Series of Thermostats designed to fit a range of HVAC systems optimized for various equipment types.

900 Series- Sophisticated styling, advanced technology and an easy-to-see touchscreen

T955– Universal, Residential/Light Commercial Thermostat. Up to 2 Heat, 2 Cool Conventional;
Up to 3 Heat, 2 Cool Heat Pump. Battery or Hardwire. 7 Day, 5/1/1 or Non-Programmable. Available in T955WH wireless option, or Z955 wireless with multiple zone control.

800 Series- Striking designs with a blend of advanced features that are easy to use

T855– Universal, Residential/Light Commercial Thermostat. Up to 2 Heat, 2 Cool Conventional;
Up to 3 Heat, 2 Cool Heat Pump. Battery or Hardwire. 7 Day, 5/1/1 or Non-Programmable. T855iSH WIFI thermostat also available.

700 Series- Commonly desired features with a model for nearly any system

T701i– Single Stage WIFI Thermostat. 1 Heat, 1 Cool. Programmable Through App. Hardwire Only.

T731W– Wireless Universal Thermostat, Optimized for PTACs. Up to 1 Heat/1 Cool Conventional; Up to 2 Heat/1 Cool Heat Pump. Battery or Hardwire. Non-Programmable. High/Low/Auto Fan Speed Selection.

600 Series- Simple and heavy-duty, perfect for new construction

T621-2– Heat Pump/Conventional Thermostat. 1 Heat/1 Cool Conventional; 2 Heat/1 Cool Heat Pump. Battery or Hardwire. Non-Programmable.

500 Series- Modern designs of a timeless technology. Simple, mechanical and mercury free

T501ML2– Line Voltage, Electric Heat Thermostat. Two Wire. Non-Programmable. T501ML4 4 wire thermostat also available.