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Hudson Valley Radiant Tube Heater Systems

Entek Systems is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for many Hudson Valley businesses and companies. Here at Entek Systems, We are one of the tri-state leading experts on infrared tube heating systems. Infrared heaters heat similar to the rays of the sun, warming the surface of the earth. With infrared operating and the constant cycle of heated people and objects, ambient temperature is maintained with minimal heat loss.

The Hudson Valley, also known as the Hudson River Valley, is a region comprised of the valley of the Hudson River and the adjacent communities in New York. Hudson Valley stretches from Captial District to Yonkers in Westchester County, which borders New York City. The Valley is known as one of the oldest winemaking and grape0growing regions in the whole United States. The first vineyard planted was in 1677. There is an area of the Hudson valley referred to as Tech Valley, which was a marketing name that came about in 1998 to help promote the greater Albany area as a high-tech competitor to regions such as Silicon Valley.

Hudson Valley, NY Radiant Tube Heater Distributors

Radiant Tube Heater Distributor in Hudson Valley, NY

Radiant Tube Heater Distributor Services in Hudson Valley, NY

We offer a variety of radiant tube heater systems for our Hudson Valley clients. Entek Systems is here to help with all troubleshooting needs and act as a liaison between the tech services and warranty departments. For each application, infrared heaters are strategically placed to deliver even heat distribution throughout your Hudson Valley property. We offer an infrared heater for every application in the Hudson Valley area.

When the sun shines down on the Earth, infrared rays are absorbed by people and objects. As the objects or people retain the heat, additional heat is released back into space through radiation. With this constant cycle of heat from the surrounding people and objects, heat loss will be minimized. Our goal at Entek is to help Hudson valley customers by bridging the gap between them and manufacture. We specialize in CORAYVAC, Modulating, Harsh Environment, and single-stage Radiant Tube Heating systems built by Roberts Gordon. Our team of experts are trained to help our Hudson Valley clients in determining proper sizing/capacity of units to avoid short cycling and lengthen equipment life.

Hudson Valley Radiant Tube Heater Parts & Units

Our radiant tube heater units and stock are top-of-the-line systems we offer to the Hudson Valley area manufactured by our elite manufacturers such as Roberts Gordon, who is a premier manufacturer of Radiant Tube Heaters including Co-Ray-Vac burners in series systems and Vantage and BH series unitary heaters. Areas with large open space such as airplane hangers or large storage warehouses allow for wide heat patterns, due to the height of the ceiling being high. For smaller areas such as fire stations, we utilize side reflectors to direct heat where it is needed most. 

At Entek Systems, we offer competitive pricing for all of our radiant tube heaters varying in unit or stock from our Hudson Valley distributor warehouse. Our knowledge of radiant systems is second to none in the Hudson Valley area. Entek has distributed and completed jobs totaling tens of thousands of radiant tube heaters in the field. This has given us the experience needed to make sure that each of our Hudson Valley clients receives the proper equipment for their heating requirements. Our staff is trained to work closely with all of our Hudson Valley clients to fully understand the heating requirements and to better find the radiant tube heater that works best for your property or facility. Reach out to the experts here at Entek Systems for help with design and layout assistance with the infrared tube heaters for your Hudson Valley property or facility. 

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