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Entek Systems is the go-to manufacturer’s representative and distributor in the Harrisburg region for many businesses and companies in the area. We have one of the most distributed gas detection systems in the Harrisburg area. We provide top-of-the-line gas detection systems ensuring that your facility is meeting indoor air quality standards. Our systems will also help our Harrisburg clients remove hazardous gas by detecting it and notifying you. The gas detection systems are designed with certain areas in mind including parking garages, distribution warehouses, and loading docks to name the main location our Harrisburg clients usually look for gas detection systems to be installed. 

Harrisburg is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The city is also the county seat of Dauphin County. Harrisburg has an estimated population of around 49,400 residents, which makes the city the 10th most populous city in the state. The largest indoor agriculture exposition in the United States is held in Harrisburg. The first event was held in 1917 and has been held in Harrisburg every year from early to mid-January. Harrisburg is also home to the Great American Outdoor Show, which is the largest of its kind in the world. 

Harrisburg, PA Gas Detection Distributors

Gas Detection Distributor in Harrisburg, PA

Gas Detection Distributor Services in Harrisburg, PA

Entek Systems prides itself in providing our experience and expertise in supplying lifesaving equipment such as toxic and combustible fixed gas detection systems to our Harrisburg clients. Our gas detection systems are best in areas with little airflow but heavy transportation such as an underground parking garage or depot, docking bay’s for warehouses, and automotive repair facilities to name a few. Some of the manufacturers we work with offer calibration kits for our Harrisburg clients to use if they are only looking to upgrade or update your current gas detection system and ensure safe operation. 

We supply equipment, parts, and recalibration kits for both new construction and keeping previously installed sensors fully functional. As harmful gasses build, our systems identify the concentration and react to dangerous levels. Some of our systems can hold up to 256 sensors and an almost unlimited amount of additional dry contact relays and analog outputs. Entek systems will provide you with the best system for your application. Each system has three branches that can reach a total length of 3900′. Each of the systems also has an unlimited amount of added dry control relays and analog outputs. Some of our systems are built featuring a unique ETL Listed design that permits dual gas detection with a single device or zone control and employs multiple sensors that may be monitored from a single location and interfaced to Building Management Systems or Direct Digital Control Systems.

Harrisburg, PA Gas Detection Products

In Harrisburg, we work with the leading gas detector manufacturers such as Honeywell, Pergamon, and Brasch. Our team of experts is ready to discuss the various gas detection products that you would need based on your specific project. We work with our Harrisburg clients every step of the way to better help them find the gas detection system that works best for their facility. We will even give you recommendations based on the types of gas that could or is found in and around our facility or parking garage. The types of gas detection systems we provide are based on toxic gases, combustible gases, and refrigerant gases. Our gas detection systems specialize in systems designed for loading docks or docking bays.

At Entek Systems, we offer competitive pricing for all of our gas detection systems varying in unit and stock in our Harrisburg distributor warehouse. Entek Systems supplies equipment, parts, and recalibration kits to Harrisburg clients for both new construction and keeping previously installed sensors that are fully functional. That is why we work with each of our Harrisburg customers to better understand exactly what gas detection system works best for their docking bay or loading zone. Entek Systems assists clients in their exact needs for outfitting a Gas Detection system in their facility. Some of our gas detectors have stand-alone sensors that are complete plug-and-play systems. Entek will calibrate your sensors before shipping for an easy install. Contact us today and discuss the benefits of various gas detection products based on the specific project requirements and size in Harrisburg, PA.

Harrisburg, PA Gas Detection Products

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Harrisburg, PA Honeywell Gas Monitoring Systems

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Entek Systems specializes in the next generation of gas detection systems and applications manufactured by Pergamon Perceptive Technologies. Their web-based software makes it easy to monitor the facility environment from any PC or Mobile device.

Entek Systems assists clients in their exact needs for outfitting a Gas Detection system in their facility. Honeywell Stand Alone sensors are complete plug and play systems. Entek will calibrate your sensors before shipping for an easy install.

Entek Systems is a supplier of the Brasch brand of gas detection equipment. Brasch gas detectors are made for demanding applications, whether your goal is to meet indoor air quality standards or to remove hazardous fumes.