Wilmington, DE Radiant Tube Heater Distributors

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Entek System is the go-to manufacturers representative and distributor for many businesses and companies in are around the Wilmington, DE area. We are the tri-state leading experts in infrared tube heating systems that will keep your building warm. Infrared heaters heat similar to the rays of the sun, warming the surface of the earth. With infrared operating and the constant cycle of heated people and objects, ambient temperature is maintained with minimal heat loss.

The city of Wilmington is located in the state of Delaware, and the city was built on the site of Fort Christina, which was the first Swedish settlement in North America. Wilmington has an estimated population of around 70,800 residents as of the 2020 census, making the city the largest and most populated city in the state. The city was named by Proprietor Thomas Penn who named it after his friend the Earl of Wilmington, Spencer Compton. Wilmington is home to many historic districts and places and the city does its best to conserve these buildings, which include Friends Meeting House in Quaker Hill, Old Customhouse, and Woodward Houses. 

Wilmington, DE Radiant Tube Heater Distributors

Radiant Tube Heater Distributor in Wilmington, DE

Radiant Tube Heater Distributor Services in Wilmington, DE

Here at Entek Systems, we offer a variety of radiant tube heater systems to all of your Wilmington companies and businesses. If you are experiencing issues with any equipment and need to speak to the manufacturer, we can help. Our team is trained to act as a liaison for you to the manufacturer tech services and warranty department to help you get your systems back in working order. For each application, infrared heaters are strategically placed to deliver even heat distribution throughout your Wilmington property. 

As the sun shines down onto the Earth, infrared rays get absorbed by people, animals, and the objects around them. As each group retains the heat absorbed, additional heat is released back into space through radiation. This constant cycle of heat from the surrounding people and objects will minimize heat loss. We specialize in CORAYVAC, Modulating, Harsh Environment, and single-stage Radiant Tube Heating systems built by Roberts Gordon. In Wilmington, we train our team to help all our clients in determining the proper sizing or capacity of units that will be needed to avoid any short-circuiting. This will help increase the equipment’s life cycle.

Wilmington Radiant Tube Heater Parts & Units

Our Wilmington distributing warehouses offer top-of-the-line radiant tube heat units and systems from leading manufacturers such as Roberts Gordon, who is the premier manufacturer of Radiant Tube Heaters. Robert Gordon produces systems such as Co-Ray-Vac burners in series systems and Vantage and BH series unitary heaters. Radiant tube heaters work best in areas with large open sources such as airplane hangers and larger storage warehouses. These large indoor open areas allow wide heating patterns due to the height of the ceilings being so high. For smaller areas in Wilmington such as fire stations, we utilize side reflectors to direct heat where it is needed most.  

Entek Systems offer competitive pricing for all of our radiant tube heater systems for our Wilmington clients. Our team’s knowledge of radiant tube heaters is second to none in the Wilmington area, with our completed job’s in the area totaling tens of thousands. This has led us to gain the knowledge to help our Wilmington clients receive the proper equipment for their property. Our staff is trained to work closely with all of our Wilmington clients to fully understand the heating requirements and to better find the radiant tube heater that works best for your property or facility. Reach out to Entek Systems today for help in designing and implementation assistance with infrared tube heater systems for all Wilmington, DE properties and facilities. 

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